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First step

Hello, and welcome to our documentation !

As you can see actually, this website is under constrution. Please, be patient. You can contact us in our discord by opening a ticket in the right category.
  • To protect our files, we use the FiveM's escrow system. It mean that our script is partially encrypted. Don't worry, all that you need are in our config or our unecenrypted files to adapt the script to your need and to any frameworks (custom too) If anythings is missing, do not hesitate to ask us to unencrypt this thing !
  • We don't sell any open source file. When we started to make script for the FiveM community, all our works was hugly leaked and reselled.
  • We engage lawsuits to any people who leak, resell or steal our work.
  • Be very careful which site you buy from. A lot of them are sealling the stuff from all your beloved creators, and it's obviously illegal. The only one authorized is TEBEX, run away from all the others.

Do not hesitate to open a ticket on our DISCORD if you have any question !